Study of Hou Kui Journal: 1

My study of Hou Kui has begun.

I dropped into 慢夫 (Man Fu)’s tea shop to talk Hou Kui. Man Fu has the largest selection of Hou Kui in Tunxi, that I know of. I told him I was studying Hou Kui and he literally clapped his hands in excitement. (Kinda funny for a larger built man in his late 30s to do)

He said the best place to start was “wild” Hou Kui. This was Hou Kui from plants not located in the main tea fields. The tea is also picked ealier than normal Hou Kui so that farmers can produce the more common type which still brings in a much higher price point.

Man Fu told me that this “wild“ Hou Kui was actually very close to what Hou Kui was like 100 years ago, before the modern method was introduced. This made sense because I had recently bought Hou Kui that was made in the “traditional” way and the visual appereance was very much the same.

The favor of the wild has that same long nuttiness of Hou Kui, but with a softer more round body.

“Wild” Hou Kui

This is the beginning of a long study of Hou Kui and I am looking forward to what I will learn next.

Look out for my next journal entry coming soon and follow @sweetestdew on Instagram for up to the date entries and adventures.


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