The real fields vs the fields they want you to see.

These two picture are both from a white tea maker.
When I first ask to see his fields he sent me this.

a white tea field in the high mountains of fu ding
This garden is too good to be true, I have only seen one garden truily like this, the Cha Shan Huang Shan Mao Feng farmer.
a fuding fuan tea field growing white tea
This picture also looks to good to be true, but in the back ground you start to see his rows.

This is looks really pretty and seems to fit the ideal that every tea drinker is searching for. But to this day I have only truily seen one field like this, the Cha Shan Mao Feng farmer’s fields.

Most fields are much larger, with less biodiversity. Pictures like this white tea field are pretty but they are probably only a small plot of land seperate from the main plot.

With some pushing I got him to send me a more accurate picture of his fields.

rows of white tea plants in fuding ding with sticky paper to keep them organic


Pretty big difference from the field displayed in the first photo.


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