TaoBao Tasting #1 Foral Qimen

The beauty of 2019 is that if you want to make a video, all you need is your phone. I am producing videos again, hopefully not always on the phone. New videos will be travel videos, tea shop videos, and tasting videos. In this video I taste a Qimen off Taobao that was good, but not my cup of tea. There is an offer for 90g of tea for $10 at the end.
Would love to know your thoughts and I hope you all enjoy.

After a long absence I am posting videos again. I have many tea videos planned including tasting videos. I think tea teasting videos are important because they give people ideas on how I taste tea and ways that they can taste tea. In this video I taste a qimen red tea (black tea) that I got off taobao. I picked this tea because the picture showed thick leaves which is a sign of an older tree. Upon tasting it I found a few things I liked, but nothing I loved. The tea was smooth, light and floral. It stayed very consitant through the many brews of gong fu cha style and didnt waver. This are all great characterstics of a tea, but the tea lacked something. The tea lacked a defining characterstic. A note that seperated it from the rest. Viewing it from the lense of my red tea triangle, and hardest to come by corner, other flavors. That being said, this tea was a good tea and I will put the remainder of it, about 90g on sale for a mere $10. (covers the cost of shipping). I prefer stronger bodied teas which is why I didnt love this, but I think someone will.


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