Jingdezhen Cups

Elevate your tea experience and impress your friends with these handmade tea cups and pots.

This beautiful medium sized pot is truly unique. Unglazed and holding about 200ml (exact size coming soon.) This pot is very light but its rough to the touch body will give you a brewing experience like you haven’t had before.


This small to medium cup is great for all teas. The hand painted design depicts a pavilion next to the water, with a fisherman in the water. This cup will remind you to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments of life, like when you drink tea.

A simple medium cup with a beautiful glaze, I couldn’t pass up a chance to offer this cup at such a low price. This is deep in color and shape and good for those who like a solid cup to drink with.

A small cup if for those of you who love a cracked glaze. A hand painted serene forest scene will slowly crack as it is used. The calming picture will add a natural peace to all tea sessions.

My photography skills couldn’t quiet grasp the beauty of this cups. A simple river scene is complemented by a beautiful light purple mist that warms the upper part of the cup. This is a larger cup can fit a full gaiwan pour which makes it a perfect cup for reading or studying.

The unique shape of this small cup is what caught my eye. The middle curve will allow the cup to fit in your fingers comfortably, while the unique glaze and light Qi Baishi like shrimp designs will catch the eye of anyone you are drinking with. 

This medium to large wide cup has an amazing curved shape that fits perfectly into your hand.
The large size is perfect for more complex teas like white teas, green teas, or more complex teas as it will spread the flavors out allowing you to notice the small details.
– This cup is no longer available. I decided to keep it for myself 🙂 –