White Tea

White tea is the only tea that goes under no high heat. The leaves are simply put out to dry in a process that takes around 56 hours per batch.

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2013 Gong Mei

Its rare that I get interested over and old white tea. When I do I usually prefer lighter more vibrant flavors. In my most recent trip to Fuding I met the first dark flavored white tea that I really enjoyed.

It was in a small shop in Fu An. In this shop we tried everything from new white teas, to jasmine teas, to old white teas. Even in the shop I was intriuged by the old white tea. I bought 100 grams and took it home and when I retried it I knew it was a keeper.
The flavors were dark, sweet and smooth with a berry not. This tea has all the flavor notes of white tea cake with out the dryness that usually comes with cakes. All for a great price. This is a tea you want to stock up on and enjoy slowly over time.