My name is Dylan and I am obsessed with flavor.

Dylan Conroy Gande Tie Guan Yin gong fu cha
from 2017 in Gande Anxi tasting Tie Guan Yin

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I was the kid who regulary had second breakfasts. There was and still is no food or drink that I wont try. The mere act of eating or drinking brings me such happiness. There are few things I appriecate more than a good flavor.
In early 2014 I got in Chinese tea. I won’t bore you with the details but I am now living in Anhui for the purpose of learning about tea.

When it comes to tea everything is important, every aroma, look and flavour note. The final flavour tells a story of where the tea came from and what the tea went through. It is my goal to be able to understand that story by simply sipping a tea. I want to be able to sip a tea and understand all parts of it.

Mainly though this blog is for information. I post about my travels and my discoveries so other people can understand the tea world a little more. There are some teas for sale but it by no means the point of this website. Its not about making money, it’s about helping people understand tea on a more genuine level. The teas that I put on the site will further your understanding of a tea or a category. I put up teas that I think people should taste.


If you have/create a wechat acount you can talk to me personally by scanning my QR code below. I’d love to just talk tea with you.