Red Tea (Black Tea)

Red tea, known as black tea in the west, is a tea that is withered, rolled, then left in piles to ferment before being baked dry. The resulting flavor is smooth and sweet. While it is one of the newest categories of tea it has gained popularity around the world as well as in China.

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1. Red Tea

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Qimen Leaf Only Red:
In a rare find I came across a red tea that is made out of only leaves. This is uncommon because of all the enthesis that is put on the buds during tea making. That being said this tea does just fine with out it, infact, it’s what makes it so special. 

Being a leaf only red tea, this Qimen has a dark and full flavor. There is a touch of bitterness, but it’s the same sort of bitterness that you find in dark chocolate which is exactly how the tea taste, like slightly melted dark chocolate. Smooth, dark and with a thick sugary sweetness this tea is not one to pass up. The fact this tea is all leaves also means that it can stand very high tempetures. I like to use boiling water, often granpa style. 

The final benefit to an all leaf red tea is the price. Because there are no buds, and because the current Chinese market prefers lighter red teas (or at least in Anhui) this tea’s price was quite low for the characterstics it displayed. At $20 for an 100g bag, this tea is everything you want and more. 

Leaf Only Qimen 100g


Leaf Only Qimen 50g