Green Tea (Limited Supply)

All the green teas here are selected by me based purely on flavor. Everything I sell is teas that I personally get excited over. If I cant get excited I dont sell it. Prices include shipping and please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the teas.

Cha Shan #2

The second picking of Cha Shan (岔山) Being a Mao Feng the flavors are really light and refreshing with the mouthfeel being the main draw. This tea is the perfect balance of body and flavor for Mao Feng. Enough of the rich savory body to fullfill your Mao Feng needs, while giving you alittle stronger flavor notes for when you are looking for something a little less subtle.

This tea also comes with a sample of She Xian Mao Feng for a taste comparison. She Xian is a very common Mao Feng producing area where most of the mao fengs on the western market come from.

Cha Shan #2 (1oz)