Fujian Trip Mash Up

A quick for minute video of some sots from Fujian. This trip to Fujian I started in the city of Wuyi Shan. I tasted some new teas and met some new tea makers. On this trip I was given the opportunity to try Ba Ji Guan, a unique Wuyi Shan tea like non I have tasted before. It was lightly roasted and thick. The maker said the ideal flavor was to be like Chicken soup. The maker then offered to show me where his teas were being roasted. We drove a short distance and managed to walk into his processing area just as they were turning the tea. After Wuyishan I went to Quanzhou  to taste some Tie Guan Yin. In the past I talked about a farmer who first sent me a sample of great tea, but then when I ordered it he sent me something else. I went back to tea space in Quanzhou and tasted a few Tie Guan Yins. Unfortunately nothing was to my liking and I came out with no new teas from him. I then went to Long Juan where I stayed at my friends house. I was hoping her aunt would still have some teas from last season, but she was all out. I will go back to visit her in the fall. The house that I stayed in was super peaceful though and I got to see farmers trimming their trees in order to get ready for the Autumn Tie Guan Yin season. Going to Fujian in the summertime looking for tea is not the best idea because most people will have already sold the good stuff. Fujian is a hot and humid place so farmers want to move their delicate teas asap. That being said I think I set myself up well for future trips and tea endeavors.


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